Is anybody out there?

A few months ago I said to myself, “Self, you should really update your blog.” And I didn’t because I doubt anyone reads this thing. Does that matter, though?

I’ve been busy. I’ve been really busy doing really cool things. Remember last fall when I was hired by a library outside of Concord to do their programming and help at the circulation desk? That didn’t even last nine months. But only because I was asked to be their new director in April.

This, I believed, was a horrible idea. Mainly because while I know had the skills, the knowledge, and the support of the board of trustees and the townspeople, I had no self-confidence. But I’m in my 40s now and it’s about time to start saying yes to things. So I said yes. It turns out I’m actually really good at this job. So, self-confidence, schmelf-confidence.

Since then, we’ve done a fair amount of adventuring. A road trip to Orlando for my brother’s wedding took us through parts of the country I had never seen before. And, if I may admit this, we went through parts of New York City and South Carolina that I never care to see again. Connecticut was my favorite state. South Carolina was my least.

It wasn’t long before we got cabin fever once again. While pulling out of the driveway to get groceries, the kiddo and I agreed to go to the store nearest to Starbucks. That snowballed into “Let’s drive an hour and a half north to that Starbucks and see what grocery stores are up that way.” So we did. We returned home nearly eight hours later having driven to the foothills of the White Mountains, over to Maine, and back around Lake Winnipesaukee.


Mountains behind Chocorua Lake – Tamworth, New Hampshire

A few weeks later, one of my favorite library patrons told me about the Cabot cheese shop just over the Vermont border. I wasn’t in a hurry to go back through Vermont; our move to New Hampshire only a year ago brought us through the southern part of the state and I really didn’t like it. I felt claustrophobic. There were either steep hills or thick clusters of trees right by the roadside. No room to see. No room to breathe. But, we have a friend who lives in the area near the Cabot store (which, incidentally, is not the creamery or cheese factory) and my husband wanted to visit a local brewery. I found a bookstore nearby that’s been on my bucket list for some time.

Off we went to Vermont. And, this time, I didn’t want to leave. It’s a totally different Vermont near Woodstock.


Ottauquechee River – Bridgewater, Vermont


Quechee Gorge – Hartford, Vermont

And, finally, we got to spend some rushed-but-quality time in Portland just this past weekend. We’d visited a few spots in Maine over the winter: the first time was a college tour of Maine College of Art in Portland, and another tour around the Bowdoin College campus in Brunswick. But this time, we left the kid at home with the dogs and headed to a Lord Huron concert at Thompson’s Point. Another bookstore visit, another brewery, and a lobster roll. We came home yesterday afternoon, fell asleep quickly, and didn’t get out of bed until 10:00. We are still so very tired. But it was totally worth it.


Thompson’s Point – Portland, Maine


As usual, I’ve been reading. A LOT. Not as much as I would like, but the stuff I’ve managed to get my hands on has been pretty good stuff. I will do my best to keep up with the book recommendations and continue making a list of my favorite reads through the months.

The dogs are doing well. The hamster is still her normal, sassy self. How they managed to get through this recent heatwave boggles my mind. It reached 94 degrees here yesterday. And while we don’t have A/C, we do have a pool. But when the air is that hot, the pool can only do so much.

Thank goodness it’s over.

2 thoughts on “Is anybody out there?

  1. Ah man, 94 degrees and no A/C!!! What’s the humidity like? I open my door when it’s 95 (almost every day) and it feels like a sauna. Yech. Yard work came to a screeching halt. Glad you have been getting around. Kinda disappointed the Cabot place was only a store. Would have been fun to have seen your pics of cheese being made. Congrats on becoming the Library Director.

    • Thank you, Linda! 94 degrees in NH feels like 94 degrees in Florida. It was miserable! There is a Cabot Cheese Factory a few hours north of where we were. We’ll hit that up when we go to Ben & Jerry’s. They’re close enough to each other.

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