“I feel more at home with the landscape…”

Everything I read and everyone I know says to “write, write, write!” I find I have a difficult time focusing on writing something unless I’ve been given a deadline and a specific assignment. I’m a better writer of history, of threading facts together to build a narrative. Because of that, I cannot wait for my master’s program classes to start. Two years of nothing but Civil War, Civil Rights, and the rebranding of the New South? BRING IT.

Well,  Colonial America and some Constitutional law will be sprinkled in throughout my studies. For the most part, though, I’m inching evermore toward a degree in American History with the help of a Florida-themed thesis. Why Florida when I’m so far away? I recently read this line in a book, a memoir written by a woman who ran away to the sea: “I feel more at home with the landscape than with the people.” These are words I have apparently been waiting years to read.

I won’t pretend I don’t enjoy the hell out of my current easy access to free-roaming bison and farm-fresh foods, because bison are awesome, but truth be told – You Are Temporary, Oklahoma. And while I’m sure I’ll look back on my Oklahoma years fondly (I don’t hate you anymore), right now I have other things to work on and other places to be, even if it is mainly inside my own head.

In the meantime, I have been writing, writing, writing! FINALLY. And Morgan Freeman is spending a lot of time in my head, too, but only because he’s the imaginary narrator to my short story. It involves a Seminole princess, the Devil, and a giant hole in the ground. It’s a real place, too.

more moss

boardwalk...going back up!

lovely moss

9 thoughts on ““I feel more at home with the landscape…”

  1. I agree, Dena. I like so much about Oklahoma, but I miss the coastlines, and the treasure trove of history. You’re going to love your next academic adventure!

    Nice photos, BTW.

  2. Ah yes, Morgan Freeman. What a voice! Another great voice, in my opinion, is Sam Elliott. I’m not sure I ever saw Devil’s Millhopper.

    • Oooh, Sam Elliott. Never considered his voice so thanks for that. Devils Millhopper is like another world. A tiny one after a lot of steps down, but it’s like a little rainforest.

    • It’s through APUS so I can begin whenever. August sounds like a good time to start! USF offers a liberal studies & Florida history degree but not online. Boo to that.

  3. Oooh, I like it. A touch of mystery to boot! I was like “what’s this about”? Made me think. Then I remembered! Millhopper!. Enjoyed, enjoyed.

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