Garden Progress – Week 5


I can’t believe it’s been five weeks since my husband and his friends built this garden and filled it full of dirt. While I have already learned some lessons (e.g., letting the dirt settle before planting, determining if what I’ve just picked out of the dirt is a sunflower seedling or a weed…), the garden and its contents are still surprising me. Mostly the squash.

It’s a really good thing we like squash because there is a lot of it.

Three weeks ago, my garden looked like this:


This week, it looks like this:


The nasturtiums and peas are easy growers (and edible!), as are sunflowers (not edible). I’ve currently got red sunflower stalks growing sturdy and strong. It’s my Teddy Bear sunflowers I’m wondering about. As I’ve been plucking out what I believe the whole time has been grass blades, I have also noticed my Teddy Bears haven’t shot up…at all. Really? It’s a sunflower so what more could it possibly need? Perhaps the seeds got pushed too far down or away during the first big drenching (this is why I’ve learned it’s so important to let the dirt settle before planting). The result of that drenching is sunflowers growing near my hollyhock and cucumbers and a plot of pansies that continually end up underwater. Also, carrots all over the place.

This garden is like a vagabond seedling free-for-all, in which everything I planned so carefully for just decided to run from the rain and bed down wherever it felt comfortable. This makes weeding difficult.

Seedling hijinks aside, I have discovered blossoms on my tomato plants, pepper plants, and on a few shoots of peas. And we’ve added some string lights to the tomato trellises. Now that my gnomes have cozied themselves beneath the squash, it’s only right that we give them fairy lights.


this tiny gnome is the guard for my lavender and Veronica speedwell


nasturtium leaves

black magic

black magic petunias – could you possibly be any more stunning?


rain over the last few days has led to a zinnia explosion (quite possibly one of the best explosions one could have)


my Little Marvel and Sugar Ann pea shoots have been helped along with a kite string trellis

Last weekend I planted Mammoth Russian sunflowers along the side porch railings (same place as last year). With so many leftover seeds, I took the liberty of planting a bunch near where my neighbor stores his trash bins on the other side of our fence. It’s a genius idea that I didn’t even consider last year! If this works, I’ll consider lining the entire property line next summer with giant sunflowers.

It’s unfortunate that we share this sunny side of the yard with my normal neighbors, whom I like quite a bit. The other neighbor is a little strange. Her yard is full of feral cats and overgrown grass. The shady property line we share leaves us with few options to ensure our own privacy. She lives full-time in a nearby town, only coming to this neighboring house to check up on it and keep up with the lawn, but her hours are questionable. Many nights we’ll see a flashlight bobbing around while she feeds the unknown number of cats she keeps. Other times she’s digging in the same hole (she’s now up to her waist in it). The hole lies between two fairly large lion statues about 50 feet from our dining room window.

We just assume she’s burying dead cats, but we have no idea. It provides us with dinnertime entertainment, though.


2 thoughts on “Garden Progress – Week 5

  1. Do you go over when she’s not there and give a look at that hole? She could be up to something really nefarious. Looking forward to the sunflower pics.

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