Sunday Night Grocery Shopping

While shopping for groceries last evening, I found myself overwhelmed by the selection of canned vegetables. When this happens I usually just stare at the wall of goods in front of me until I realize how ridiculous I’m being. Not surprisingly, this takes quite some time.

A couple walked in front of me and the woman continued shopping while the man, who was pushing the cart, asked me, “Oh, I’m sorry! Am I in your way?”

I waved my hand at him, assuring him it was no big deal. “Actually, I don’t know if you’re in my way. I’m not really sure what I want anyway.”

“I’d go for the peas,” he said.

Taken aback by his boldness, I questioned whether I should actually get peas (I am a Libra and, therefore, question EVERYTHING). We don’t eat peas much in our house. Not because we dislike them, but because I have an weakness for French-style green beans and I am the one who does the shopping.

“Really?” I asked him. “Peas? I was thinking about French-style green beans.” Why am I looking to a stranger for his approval?

“Green beans are delicious, but peas fit up my nose much easier,” he said. At least that’s what I thought I’d heard him say.

When I gave him a confused look, he repeated himself. “Green beans are delicious, but peas fit up my nose much easier.” So I had heard him correctly. Ha!!! I wasn’t sure if I was more excited about his sense of humor or by his ability to look at my canned goods dilemma with such ease.

I chose the French-style green beans (two cans!) and I wanted to invite him and his wife/girlfriend to our house for beers and hilarious conversation. You, sir, are the kind of people I LIKE! But the woman had already wandered a few feet away to look at rice options and my husband was at home. The whole dinner invitation would have been terribly awkward.


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