Wake Up


gnarled oaks in Savannah, Georgia

Why do I miss the south so much?

Why does Spanish moss have such an effect on me?

Why can’t I love you, Oklahoma?

Frankly, it’s all beginning to piss me off.

I woke up this morning feeling terribly homesick and I don’t know why. The first thing I read today was an article about how crocodiles and alligators can actually climb trees, but I suspect this feeling might have more to do with my dream last night. Driving south over the Dames Point Bridge, looking east toward to the ocean. Below me are right whales and fishermen in puttering little johnboats. A plate of Mayport shrimp, fresh from the river, is only minutes away. Oh, hey. Pelicans!

Then I woke up.

The night before I dreamed Mira Sorvino was talking to me through my morning alarm. Her voice was very soothing, as if she didn’t want to startle me from my sleep. I can appreciate that. Thanks, Mira.

But this dream from last night has left me feeling unsettled. A little startled, even. It’s too bad we can’t bank the residual good feelings from dreams to apply to other ones or else I would’ve bottled Mira Sorvino’s soft words and tenderness the moment I woke up.

Over the past few months, big decisions have been made regarding where we as a family will be making our long-term, though temporary, home. I’m trying to look at it as a military assignment. At least it’s not Alice Springs, Australia, or Minot, North Dakota. Do we plan to spend the rest of our lives here in Oklahoma? Absolutely not. For now, though, it sure as hell feels like it.

This is what I’m missing right now. According to news reports, the southeastern United States doesn’t look like this right now. Maybe some of you who are snowed in or iced down will enjoy these photos, too. Let’s all try to think of better days.

New Orleans

summer in New Orleans


Amelia Island, Florida

view from the top of Lake Lure

the view from the top of Lake Lure at Chimney Rock, North Carolina

sunset at our campsite

Huguenot Park – Mayport, Florida and the St. Johns River

Fernandina Beach

Fernandina Beach, Florida


sunrise and pelicans at Jekyll Island, Georgia


8 thoughts on “Wake Up

      • Terribly so. I’ve said for years how upward mobility has a huge destructive force on the family and strong neighborhoods. I bought into all that, and my mental health DEF suffered as a result. Ride through most lower income neighborhoods and you’ll see a happiness you don’t see in 4 bedroom cul-de-sacs. People poo poo me when I say this, but I’ll take this opinion to my grave! 🙂

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