Cabin Fever

We fell asleep last night knowing some kind of snow event was heading our way. The few inches we were expecting to come this afternoon actually fell overnight. Getting out of bed this morning was a little easier than usual because the ugliness of winter was (and still is!) covered by a nice blanket of white. Even though I’ve spent most of this winter holed up inside my house, it turns out I like snow a lot. I like snow about as much as I hate winter. Since it’s apparent I can’t have the one without the other, I’m learning the art of compromise here.

I decided to head out to nearby Will Rogers Park. While I have been there many times before, I have never visited the park after a fresh and clean snowfall. Getting there wasn’t easy, but my multiple attempts to go back home failed when my vehicle continued driving straight even though I was trying to turn! I didn’t want to tempt fate and, yes, I felt like this was fate telling me to get out of the house. So I kept going.

It was obvious to me once I arrived that I was not the first one there. I didn’t mind. There were still plenty of paths and trails that were free of footprints. And everything was really, really quiet.








The sun was peeking out of the clouds by the time I left the park, so the streets were actually in better shape. Funny, I’d only been there for little more than half an hour, but it just goes to show you how quickly the weather changes here in Oklahoma. And with that, we’re expecting two more winter storms to hit by Friday.


I have recently started volunteering at the 45th Infantry Division Museum here in Oklahoma City. The museum houses an overwhelming display of war memorabilia, including personal items that once belonged to Adolf Hitler as well as a variety of weapons from every war ever fought by Americans (especially Native Americans). In order to help me learn more, I plan to research and write about some of the items on display and accompany the posts with photographs.

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