Kiddo's first time sledding! #oklahomacity #okc #winter #snow #snowklahoma #sledding

  • I submitted my 35-page in-depth bachelor’s thesis to University of Oklahoma a few days early, in anticipation of sledding all weekend with my family, and got this response from my advisor: “I’d recommend expanding it as a book and publishing it. It’s wonderful.” I’ll talk about my thesis in another post, when I’m feeling less flu-ey.
  • Yes, flu-ey. I was stricken with some kind of pestilence and couldn’t even walk into the kitchen without being exhausted by the entire ten-step journey. Fever-induced comas/naps were plentiful. P.S. All hail Mucinex and tissues with lotion.
  • While I missed out on the sledding event, I’m happy to have married such a wonderful man who was willing to take our daughter sledding with her best friend. It was the first time for both girls.
  • After a recent animated Facebook discussion with our friends about whether or not one should eat in the bed (I’m in favor of it, my husband is not), Matt made me a bowl of maple oatmeal and a mug of earl grey tea then served it to me for breakfast…in bed. He’s a catch, ladies.
  • The Apple TV wasn’t working in the bedroom all weekend so I was subjected to horrible network comedies and hokey family dramas on Trinity Broadcast Network, or, as I like to call it, the Jesus Channel.
  • Noontime on Saturdays is one of my favorite times of the week. The city’s tornado siren network runs a drill and my dogs howl like there’s no tomorrow. Chimay is the best at it. See the video here. She really is good.
  • Ten minutes later I experienced MY FIRST EARTHQUAKE! A 4.5, according to the USGS. The walls creaked, pictures rattled, I squealed like a kid on Christmas morning, and Elle was unimpressed. What is wrong with her?
  • Bedlam. BOOMER!
  • I dreamed about pizza on Friday night and my husband ordered some on Saturday. I dreamed about Cinnabon on Saturday night and my husband bought me some on Sunday. Matt spent his entire weekend cooking, cleaning, and taking care of disgusting me, the kid, and three dogs. See, ladies – my husband is a catch. I ate neither the pizza nor the Cinnabon in bed, though. I know not to push my luck.

8 thoughts on “Weekending

  1. Enjoyed the video of Chimay howling. Glad I didn’t have to experience an earthquake or that “pestilence” you’ve got. That choice of word made it funny. The guy who started the Jesus Channel recently died. Saw it on Yahoo News or somewhere similar.

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