There is an old pecan tree in my backyard. It’s one of my favorite all-time trees. Now that I think hard about it, this pecan tree ranks as my second-favorite, but only because I really miss the Queen palm in my old Florida backyard. This year, the Queen palm is dropping fruit (for the first time in almost ten years) and my mother says she’s going to make a jam. They’re apparently very figlike and pulpy. Our pecan tree here in Oklahoma has dropped enough pecans to carry us into the next decade. In fact, I still have a basket full of pecans I collected last year. Do pecans go bad in their shells? If not, I’ve got some pies to bake.

Here’s our pecan tree, surrounded by a blanket of gray as an Arctic front moved in over a week ago. That day it snowed about half an inch.


Here’s our pecan tree again, surrounded by a blazing sunset that left my front yard (on the east side of the house) glimmering in pink last night. It’ll be 70 degrees today before another Arctic front moves in later tonight. Four inches of snow and ice are expected to be upon us by Friday morning.

My own Oklahoma backyard sunset.  Or, wowza. #oklahomacity #oklahoma #okc #sunset #winter #pecantree

Here’s the pecan tree one last time, just to give you an idea of how difficult it is for us to see sunsets when the tree still has leaves. This was taken only four weeks ago. During most of the year, we miss a lot of sunset views. That’s a shame – prairie sunsets have been giving my Florida sunsets a run for their money.

pecan tree

18 thoughts on “Westerly

  1. i have a big pecan tree in my backyard AND miss the palm that was in MY old backyard in Florida too! you are not alone in these trees being close to the heart!

    • Small world! Do you by chance know the “shelf” life of these pecans? I’m too lazy to go crabwalking through my backyard to pick up the fresh ones that have dropped! Where in Florida did you live?

      • my folks are from the apalachicola valley, near panama city, for the most part, but many scattered from pansacola to kissimmee lol. i lived in blountstown and marianna, and in destin (my palm tree)

  2. Dena – You can shell the pecans and freeze them. I had some in the freezer for years. I’d take out just enough for the brownies. I don’t know if you can freeze them in the shell and it’s not practical anyway as it would take up too much room. I don’t know about the shelf life. Crack a few and see. I’d crabwalk for those fresh ones iffn I wuz you. We’ve lost both of our 50 year old pecan trees. We have one left that’s much younger but the squirrels get all the pecans.

    • Our temperatures are gonna drop tonight (warnings of -15 wind chills, blah). I’ll save the crabwalking for a balmier day, say when it’s 38 degrees out or something. Can you believe it? I’m not crying about the weather this year! It’s nice not being so darn depressed over it.

      • Oh my. You’ve been gone from Florida Too Long when you start calling 38 degrees “balmy.”

    • I just googled it: For anyone interested, 4 months at room temperature is the maximum shelf life of a pecan still in its shell. Uh,I guess I’m crabwalking after the thaw!

      • I kinda suspected you needed to get out there and crabwalk. Pecans dry up inside the shell. Sounds like they are gonna be pre-frozen too. Hope you have one of those rocket crackers.

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