Birthday Season


October is a busy, busy month full of birthdays (and it just got busier with the birth of my cousin’s little girl last night). A few weeks ago, Matt and I agreed to have a cookout here at our house to celebrate Elle’s 12th birthday. It fell perfectly in the beginning of the month and took place this past Saturday, just after a cold front blew through and turned summer into autumn, literally overnight. We had the hot tub bubbling, string lights glowing, the fire pit roaring, and a yard full of friends.

What we failed to do a few weeks ago was plan for my birthday, which falls only four days after Elle’s. Seeing as another friend is having her own birthday brunch in two weeks and I’m hosting a Food/Craft Swap the following weekend, it seemed the only sensible thing would be to combine my birthday party with Elle’s. Besides, we would have just invited the same people over to celebrate.

When I was pregnant with her back in 2001 my doctors went back and forth for months trying to determine her due date. We ended up with “any day between October 5th and October 12th – BE READY!” I didn’t want my daughter to have to share her birthday with me, although now I think it would have been kind of cool. This is the first time we have ever celebrated our birthdays together and we have overwhelmed ourselves with an abundance of leftover cake. Such problems we have…

Favorite quote from the evening:

Elle: “I think this is the best time I have had since moving to Oklahoma!”


Tare Panda

Elle’s Tare Panda birthday cake, which she designed and my neighbor baked.

Italian cream cake (wedding cake) from Ingrid's

Italian wedding cake from Ingrid’s, a nearby German restaurant/bakery.

birthday flowers!

Ella's artwork

Oh, hey! There’s a photograph of my dad celebrating his birthday this past June.

Sunday was a day of slow moving, emphasized by the fact that our dogs didn’t even bother to wake us up until well after their usual feeding time. My husband and I have hosted quite a few gatherings at our house over the last year or so and I’m beginning to notice the physical symptoms that come with being my age and staying up way past my bedtime. When social interaction gets thrown into the mix, I am completely useless the following day.

Is there such a thing as a social hangover?

It would probably serve me well to document all the wonderful things that happened on Friday, but I truly believe some days are just unforgettable. Just as my daughter proclaimed her birthday party to be the most fun she’s had in Oklahoma, I feel the same about Friday. It was one of those days during which everything fell into place. There was a non-eventful stop at the vet with Teddy, a lunch date with my husband, shopping with him at Target for birthday decorations, readying the “Party Room” with Elle, scrubbing the hell out of my bathtub so that it could finally be used, and enjoying my clean tub surrounded by candles and swimming in blackberry scented bubbles. I sipped red wine and read historical fiction. Basically,  I RELAXED.

When is the last time…? Seriously.

Happy birthday to all you October babies out there.

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