Water Therapy


There are some days that I think back on this boardwalk and just want to give it a hug. I want to wrap my arms around its splintered steps and rusted, jutting-out nails and tell it I love it. I want to tell it I miss it. There is a whole different world at the end of that boardwalk and I sometimes feel a desperate need to return to it.

This isn’t about Florida. This isn’t about home. I think all of that has been resolved since my recent return to Oklahoma; all that struggling with the concept of home was for naught. For a long time I will probably refer to May 30th as my ritual hazing into this Oklahomans’ Club.

No. This is about downtime. This is about how I relax, or, really, about how I used to relax and now have no idea what to do with myself. The sound of the ocean never failed to soothe my soul, to bring down my anxiety even just a tiny bit. The waves slapping into the rocks at nearby Lake Hefner have actually managed to do that a few times. I can rely on the greenery outside for only so long as autumn surely makes its way in. And then, winter. Ugh, the thought of such a dreadful season makes me anxious all over again.

Do you have any suggestions for sun loving, winter hating, Vitamin D-deficient people such as myself? Short of lingering around the shores of Lake Hefner with the snow falling around me, I have no ideas. And, like most anxious, fretful people, I like to have a plan.

8 thoughts on “Water Therapy

  1. I love your picture, it just looks so relaxing with the pier and the water in the distance. I am a water and huge ocean lover too, so what I try to do is go to the pool for a lot of swimming. Nothing quite compares to the ocean and the crescendo of crashing waves, I totally agree! πŸ™‚

  2. Head over to my favorite city, Santa Fe, NM! You may find the high desert, and all its glorious adobe structures, retains a bit of a summer feel, even in the winter. Or maybe Taos, where you can enjoy the skiiing, or ABQ where it’s just flat out warmer. Those were always my favorite escapes from Oklahoma.

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