Portable Sunshine

Before we left for Florida a few weeks ago, we made arrangements with a friend of ours to take care of things around our house while we were gone. This mostly meant feeding the dogs and picking up our mail, but my garden plants would require some extra attention. I worried that my sunflowers would bloom while I was gone for those ten days and our friend promised to text me some photographs if any started to blossom in my absence.

Throughout our trip, I received updates on the dogs and the weather (plenty of rain practically absolved Shane from having to water the yard), and he always made sure to let me know the sunflowers hadn’t done anything spectacular yet. I was relieved.

When we arrived home in the middle of the night, it was after nearly 20 hours of driving. The trip through Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas, and half length of Oklahoma was completed with few stops and only one highway backup. So our minds were understandably focused on getting only the important things out of the car and into the house and then collapsing into a deep, deep sleep. The only thing I noticed about our house when we pulled in was that the yard needed mowing and that the sunflowers had grown into giants – all stalks, no blooms. Thankfully.

The following morning, still exhausted, we began to clear out the van of all our remaining luggage. Matt brewed coffee and I made breakfast. It didn’t take long for us to fall into our usual pre-vacation routine. Then I walked outside to check on my garden.

You guys! My sunflowers totally waited for me. The cucumbers were toast and the petunias had drowned again (what’s new, right?), but this! Is this an incredible “Welcome Home” or what?

growing, growing, growing...

autumn beauty sunflower

waking up!

autumn beauties

Only because I have a bazillion of the coming in soon, I went ahead and cut a few for myself and a friend of mine. Do you know how long I’ve been dying to have my own flowers on the table? I have taken the jar with me from room to room a few times, just because I’m so darn proud of my sunflowers. Seriously, they’re like portable sunshine. I have even seen a few people stop at the end of our driveway and point at them. Obviously, I’m not their only fan.

sunshine in a jar

11 thoughts on “Portable Sunshine

  1. Doesn’t that just make you smile from ear to ear! And to think they waited for you to come home!

  2. The sunflowers are gorgeous, you should be super proud of them! My husband and I tried getting flowers before we left for a trip and, of course, I ended up killing them but there was one lunar flower which bloomed the day we left and it was so pretty! I think that those sunflowers waiting to bloom was the perfect welcome home to come to. 🙂

  3. What a great welcome!!! I’ll have to ask my dad if his are blooming. They plant them every year as the birds “LOVE” those seeds! When the boys were young we would dry them and bake them. Glad you are home safe and sound. Isn’t this weather amazing?!?!? 🙂

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