Peter's Point Beach - Amelia Island

Our beach day in Jacksonville happened to fall on our last day in town. It was actually an additional day that we decided to enjoy before heading back to Oklahoma and I’m so happy we did. The weather was…well, as you can see from the photograph below, not exactly ideal. But when you’re at the beach, the last thing you should worry about is getting wet, right?

incoming storm at Peter's Point

My family took off for the beach around noon and our ever-expanding beach party ended up including my parents, my daughter’s best friend, another school friend and her mother, and the second girl’s two brothers. It turns out the more kids you bring to the beach, the more boogie boards and noodles are available for everyone to play with. It also turns out the more adults you bring to the beach, the better your chances are of not having to be the designated surf-chaperone. My husband, I believe, is half-fish and spent nearly two hours straight in the ocean waves. He and my dad played designated surf-chaperones.

I took full advantage of this and spent most of my beach time soaking in the sun. On my University of Oklahoma beach towel, no less. I’m heading into my final semester and, at last, my school pride is starting to emerge.


I miss the ocean already – the salty air, the stickiness of the salt on my skin, how everyone’s collective sunscreen smells like coconuts. I can even appreciate the swirly I received since I had been suffering from some kind of allergy rampage. An ocean swirly is the equivalent of a Neti pot. You feel so good after the shock and awe of being tossed around in the Atlantic Ocean’s spinwash has finally passed.

7 thoughts on “Surf

  1. Dena — Since your huz is part-fish, maybe someday you’ll make it back to the East Coast.

  2. I know what you mean by a trip to the ocean just making you feel so much better, I feel the same way! I love the air, the taste of the saltwater, I can spend so many hours swimming in the ocean even if the waves toss me around! And your pictures came out so pretty, I love the colors and the clouds!

    • I didn’t realize how much I missed it. What’s funny is that I’m okay way out here in Oklahoma as long as I have a river or a lake nearby (and we have a lot of both). I need to be in the water sometimes. My cousin and I call it our “water therapy”, and it makes so many bad things go away. Even if temporarily.

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